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What we learn

about ourselves

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) consists of sessions with horses directed by an

Equine Specialist & Licensed Mental Health Professional,

both who are Certified in Equine Assisted techniques.


EAP has been shown to be very effective at breaking down barriers to progress.

Being in a natural environment promotes relaxation.

Horses are champions at disarming the guarded and engaging the withdrawn.

Horses respond honestly to our body language and attitude, bypassing the need for verbal descriptions of what is going on in our emotional life. 

Understanding how we can change is the first step to being a healthier, happier person!

In Greg Kersten Manual for the O.K. Corral Series, he states "Equine Assisted Psychotherapy implements the power of equine-assisted philosophies and exercises to introduce therapy clients to themselves in a modality that has been found to be more efficient and less threatening than traditional talk therapy."

Why Choose
Equine Assisted
"Modern society's problems began when the highways bypassed the corrals."

Author Unknown

I have been a Horse Trainer and Riding Instructor for more than 20 years.  Although I still teach riding, since I became Certified for EAP in 2012, I no longer train, but prefer to spend time engaged in the meaningful work of EAP.

During my training to be an Equine Specialist, I learned something simple and super profound about myself in one 20 minute exercise. It was something that years of therapy had never demonstrated or illuminated. Made me a believer!

Laura Higgins, Certified Equine Specialist

Francine has been a local Marriage and Family Therapist for more than 30 years. Francine works with Laura as a team to deliver EAP services.  

Francine Greenstein, MFT
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Meet our Horses
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