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Equine Therapy Special Forces

Therapy Sessions

Individual Sessions

An "epiphany" is defined as a sudden intuitive perception of or insight into something very meaningful to us. Usually, it is initiated by some simple occurrence or experience in our environment.  EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy) uses our simple interaction with the horse, an honest, forgiving, intuitive creature to precipitate self-awareness.

The cost for Individual Sessions is $300/hr for 1 person.

Please call for more information and to book 702-768-2326

Couples Sessions

Equine assisted sessions for couples remind us that relationships are built on the basis of trust, respect, and communication. Horses do not relate on the basis of "like", but trust and respect. They will demand the same of us when we relate to them.  They will not respond to manipulation or coercion, but will happily try to accommodate us if there is mutual trust. 

The cost for Couple Sessions is $300/hr for 2 people.

Please call for more information and to book 702-768-2326

Group Sessions

Equine Assisted group sessions teach us how to function better in our herds, personal and professional.  On our journey to self awareness, we discover the elements of relating, communication, and setting and respecting boundaries.  We learn how to enhance our own behavior to foster these skills.

The cost for Group Sessions is $300/hr for 4 people.

Please call for more information and to book 702-768-2326

Family Sessions

Because EAP by-passes the verbal, it works wonders with children and teens! Horses are magnets for young people and are champions at disarming the guarded and engaging the withdrawn. With EAP, children and teens learn self-confidence, communication skills, and much more. Equine Assisted sessions illuminate dynamics and patterns of behavior within the family. Perfect for siblings who need to learn trust and respect!

The cost for Family Sessions 

Minimum 3 Family Members - $300/1hr

Maximum 2 Adults/4 Children - $325/1 hr-1.5.hrs

 Packages are available. Please call for more information and to book. 

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